Seventeen horizons

There is nothing here that I haven’t photographed many times, and shared on this blog and elsewhere. But this week I had the opportunity to view the Sea of Galilee from a different perspective – from the middle of the lake itself during a brief boat trip.

Blue and gold

No photograph can capture the luminous light here, an intense blue and gold. A couple of days ago I drove along the east shore of the Sea of Galilee, across from Tiberias. Here are images of the lake, the Golan, and a lookout that affords a wonderful view of the north shore, the little strip of land where most of the stories of the Gospels are set.

Qumran horizons

For me the ancient settlement of Qumran is arguably the most remarkable landscape in the world. Here are some photos of what remains of the complex, the caves where the scrolls were found, and the brilliant horizons on every side.