Nationalism(s) by the Clyde

Some 12,000 SNP members, 3,500 Radical Independence supporters, several hundred bemused Country Living Christmas Fair shoppers, and – at least one – very quiet Labour member found themselves assembled on the banks of the Clyde on Saturday (22 November).

Ancient Sound (detail), Paul Klee, 1925

The Rules of Abstraction

The Rules of Abstraction, a BBC4 documentary by the artist and writer Matthew Collings, shown last week and still available at the time of writing, was an accessible introduction to the enigmatic world of abstract art.

View of Edinburgh from the Salisbury Crags

Caledonian Dreaming

Gerry Hassan’s Caledonian Dreaming argues that the ills of Scottish society for which independence is proposed as the cure have as much to do with Scotland’s own failings as the interventions of unwanted British governments.